Nikos Kostopoulos



A desert is a barren area of land where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. Thus being said, it really feels strange when now days deserts are considered “oasis”, an escape away from the mega cities and our busy lives. During my visit last November in Iran I found the desert a cleansing experience, a sanctuary away from “civilized” society. After talking with people in the city I found out that they also seek refuge in the desert.

09/1394 shot entirely in Iran, in two locations. Tehran and the Maranjab desert. It is a cinematic exploration of the two realities between the desert and the city. A documentary film, a soundscape and a fiction story to combine these elements.

After the completion of the first edit of the film selected audience was asked to reflect on it, providing their own version of the narrative, or not, that unfolds on the screen. It became clear that every one saw their own version of the film. "To each its own cinema" The final version of the film is no longer a linear edit but an interactive non linear one.

It is presented as a film installation where the two films are projected on the two opposite sides of one screen in the middle of the room. The viewer can walk around the screen, each time watching only one of them. Additionally the film is being developed as an interactive web film. Online the users can watch the film while always have in control the edit of it. They can transition through locations while watching, always creating a new edit of the film. The viewers are invited to write and share their own stories, that are later implemented on the credits at the end.




 November 2015, Iran.

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