votka exete


votka - βότκα - vodka - во́дка : an unaged, colorless, distilled spirit


exete - ehete - échete - έχετε : greek, second person plural present of the verb έχω - have, you have


the name votka-exete is a reference to a system of exchange goods, services and ideas


votka-exete is a production company for new media projects

Including audio visual works, interactive installations, website development and mobile applications


with a special interest in works about the public space


this online space is used to showcase artists portfolio and as a platform for interactive web based works


if you have an idea for an interactive and/or participatory artwork and wish to make it available online you may contact with your proposal



Nikos Kostopoulos

Rotterdam (NL)

Thessaloniki (GR)




connect online @koustoz