votka exete


votka - βότκα - vodka - во́дка : an unaged, colorless, distilled spirit


exete - ehete - échete - έχετε : greek, second person plural present of the verb έχω - have, you have


the name votka-exete is a reference to a system of exchange goods, services and ideas


votka-exete is a production company for new media projects

Including audio visual works, interactive installations, website development and mobile applications


with a special interest in works about the public space


this online space is used to showcase artists portfolio and as a platform for interactive web based works


if you have an idea for an interactive and/or participatory artwork and wish to make it available online you may contact with your proposal








connect online @koustoz


 Nikos Kostopoulos

I am a visual artist born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1982 and living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 2015. Having as a starting point image and sound, I am researching interactive narratives through different artistic practices.

My dissatisfaction with the status quo of modern economic and political systems has led me to make work that encourage reflection and creates situations that can be engaging to the social structure, by acting or thinking critically about it.

I approach contemporary social problems, while dually acknowledging inter- temporal discourses that permeate them. These include displacement of people, consumerism in modern western societies, the age of Anthropocene, and the politics of public space.


 Nikos Kostopoulos

Born in 1982 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Based since 2015 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

KvK nummer 68912420


 Education & more

2015-2017 MA in Photography AKV St.Joost, Breda, The Netherlands

2017 May API-art and situated fictions workshop, by Human Index, Breda, The Netherlands

2015 June Masterclass in documentary photography and photojournalism by Patrick Zachmann, Athens, Greece

2010 - freelance photographer, filmmaker, editor

2000-2008 MSc in Wood Technologies, BA in Forestry and Environmental Sciences A.U.Th., Thessaloniki, Greece




“1.475”, video 4’25’’ SD, stereo sound video 3’40’’ HD

color photograph installation, “T(huis)”, group exhibition, 17 January - 9 February, Hommes Gallery, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


“1.475”, video 4’25’’ SD, stereo sound video 3’40’’ HD

color photograph installation, “Hubbub le Scope”, group exhibition, 17-19 November, Wolfart Project Space, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

“Breaking the Monoform in Public Space”, camera application,

“03/1695”, short film, 10’, HD, stereo sound, Organ Vida, International Photography Festival, Croatia, 5-20 September 2017, Group exhibition “Really Real”

“Lazika”, trailer wip, September, Photography festival Tbilisi

“Breaking the Monoform in Public Space”, camera application, “Really Real”, graduation exhibition MA Photography of AKV St. Joost, in Roodkapje, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

“03/1695” interactive video installation, 2 projections HD, 2 channels stereo sound, FAZE festival, LES YPER YPER, 21-22 April Thessaloniki, Greece,


“Abide with me”, short experimental film, HD, stereo sound, 1’ 30’’ Eye film museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Research Lab – There is something about my family, 26 April 2016 - 2 May 2016, group exhibition


“Looking for Marios Arvanitis” documentary film, HD, stereo sound, 35’ min video installation and photo – essay. AKV St. Joost Breda, the Netherlands, November 2015, “playing with reality” group exhibition

“Kikujiro” (2015), colour photograph print, “Portrait behind wired fence” (2014), colour photograph print, EyeEm festival, The rise of real photography collective exhibition Photoville in NYC New York, PhotoMonth London, collective exhibition


“The carcass” (2011) , short film, SD, stereo sound, 6’, screened at the 3rd International film poetry festival & multimedia concert +the institute (for Experimental Arts), Athens, Greece


“AGRIOI” (2013), fiction film, HD, stereo sound, 35’, screened at “PROTOS OROFOS”, Thessaloniki, Greece


“unnamed#2” 5 screen video mapping and installation, collaboration with artist Eleni Tsimidou and experimental musicians Good Luck Mr. Gorsky presented at: Art Is Hard (2012), Thessaloniki, Greece


“unnamed#2” 5 screen video mapping and installation at King’s Anatomy Theatre & Museum, at King’s College London during the symposium: Rhythm & Event (2011), London, UK

“unnamed” video installation , 120’ hd, Photo Festival of Veroia, Greece

“unnamed” video installation , 120’ hd, Facta Non Verba, autonomous expression theater, Thessaloniki, Greece


Selected Commissioned Work



Director/Photographer _ ΦΡΑΚΤΑΛΣ, 2’, video on performance of George Varanx


Photographer _ fashion editorials “stellouisdreaming” styling brand


Director/Photographer _ Entropia, 2’, Alexia Falla dance performance, video for 49th edition of “DIMITRIA” Thessaloniki, department of culture, municipality of Thessaloniki

Director/Photographer _ HANA P5B1, 5’, music video clip

Director/Photographer _ Nicola Ratti / Giovanni Lami (2014), 1’, teaser video “Granny records”

D.O.P. /Camera _ Savegreekwater “Ransom”, 1’, dir. Savvas katirtzidis

D.O.P./Camera _ Oxytocin, 11’, dir. Argiro Kourliti 2013

Video Editor _ video teaser Dans Mon Salon, The Call, “Amplify records”

Director/Photographer _ SEELUFT, 2’, for “SPANAKI” recycled vinyl collection

Director/Photographer _ Damcase_studiowork, 2’, for “AMPLIFY RECORDS”


Camera department _ Kleftra, 10’, dir. Argiro Kourliti


Video Editor _ HANA , 120’, video montage and installation


Editorial photographer, OUGH! Magazine, grekamag, Greece


Field photographer – researcher _ documentation landscape, plant and soil, The Forestry Corp., Canada, EFTAS GMBH, Germany


 Publications & Features



http://www.privatephotoreview.com/2016/08/of-the-desert/ http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/of-the-desert-by-nikos-kostopoulos/ Eyeem (2015), 20 new recommended photographers (March 2015)

Finalists Best of Photography 2015 Photographer’s FORUM The 2015 EyeEm Awards top 100 photographer of the year

The 2015 EyeEm Awards Top 10 fashion photographer of the year (2015), curated by Alison Zavos, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Feature Shoot

Finalists for 2015, Young Greek Photographers, Athens Photo Festival 15 F_STOP issue 65 (2014) group exhibition

Dark beauty magazine (2014)

Blur magazine (2014)

Get inspired magazine (2013,2014) OUGH! (2013)



EyeEm Diversity, Volume 5, collective magazine

EyeEm Explore: A collection of Real Photography, Volume 1, collective magazine

Photographer’s FORUM, Best of Photography 2015, collective annual book Optiko, issue 6: People (2015), collective book of analogue portraits

LIFO (2012), spread