Lazika in 2011 the then Georgian president Saakashvili announces the construction of a new city near the border with Abkhazia the new city “Lazika” is said to be one of the first private cities, belonging to the state but regulated autonomously as a “free industrial zone” becoming a hub of commerce and trade it would have a deep port and room for 500.000 people, it could host and create jobs for the IDPs* *{Georgian Civil War South Ossetia 1988-92
Abkhazia 1991-93
Russo Georgian War 7-12 August 2008
around 250.000 IDPs
(Internally Displaced Persons)
(European Union monitoring mission)
deployed in September 2008 and is still present } Saakashvili looses the elections and the new government does not want to proceed with the building of the city in 2017 the now government decides to build the deep port
people living there don't know yet what will happen to their homes
amongst them there are 13 families that fled Abkhazia, living also in front of the Black Sea
they are pushed away from their houses again Georgia
February 2017
“we became refugees in our own country twice” this is a work in progress Nikos Kostopoulos Georgia is beautiful
and even more beautiful are the people we met there a project by Nikos Kostopoulos
assistant Lavinia Xausa
driver Ramazi Kurashvili
translator George Shamaklia
transcripts Elias Shamaklia
special thanks to
Yaron Cohen
Giuilio Silva
and the people they opened their houses to us Georgia, Tbilisi, Anaklia, Zugdidi, 2017 work in progress