1.475 (2016), Nikos Kostopoulos

video 4’25’’ SD, stereo sound video 3’40’’ HD

color photograph installation

For two months, I placed two life-size cutouts portraying refugees, in the center of Rotterdam. The installation with faceless figures, resembled the ‘face in hole’ cutouts, that one encounters in theme parks and fairs.

People interacted with the installation and on occasions, I would approach them attempting to initiate a discussion on the diachronic phenomenon of human migration and the current developments.

The video work that followed, is based on one of these discussions and contemplates the excessive flow of audiovisual information from the mass media.

Both the street installation and the video work, attempt to infiltrate the passive relationship of the viewer with the mass media image of the immigration crisis.

27 May 2016 was the last day of the installation on the street. By that day, there were 1.475 reported dead or missing refugees, for the year 2016, trying to reach Europe.

2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands