votka exete

votka – βότκα – vodka – во́дка : an unaged, colorless, distilled spirit 

exete – ehete – échete – έχετε : greek, second person plural present of the verb έχω – have, you have

the name votka-exete is a reference to a system of exchange goods, services and ideas, and a tribute to my comedy roots.


Nikos is a visual artist working with photography, film, and new media often in combination with interactive and participatory methods. In his work, he researches the potential of images on the thematic around the use and politics of public space. The regulations that permeate the physical and virtual public sphere, how they affect our daily lives as well as their role in certain real or fictional situations. He has an MA in Photography from AKV St. Joost (2017, NL). He has completed various artistic audiovisual productions since 2010 in Europe and Western Asia. He has participated in a plethora of exhibitions and festivals with his work. He is teaching photography, filmmaking, and lens-based media with interactive and participatory research methods. In 2020 he co-founded and runs PHĒNO space for imaginative arts practices in Thessaloniki (GR), a space of production, presentation, and education of and on audiovisual works in contemporary art around the broader area of the Mediterranean and the Balkans.


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Nikos Kostopoulos (b. 1982, GR)


«Lazika» video, at Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum.


2020. Balkan Investigative Reporting Network grant to research the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

2019. CBK Rotterdam grant to produce an artwork and exhibition during SKG Bridges, Thessaloniki, (GR).

2018. CBK Rotterdam grant to exhibit work at at Associazione Culturale Borderline Palermo, (IT).

Exhibitions, Screenings ++


2022       _”Electric Friend” at the 18th Athens Digital Arts
Festival (ADAF), Athens (GR).

2021     _”CHIMERA hallucinating media and war crimes” at the 24th Thessaloniki
International Film Festival (GR)- 8
th Chania Cinema Festival, (GR) –
Rhodope International Film Fest, (BG) – Jahorina Film Festival, (BA) – 8
International Documentary Festival Ierapetras (GR) and more.


2021     _”Argus v3.75bln” interactive installation at AudioVisual Arts Festival No14, Corfu (GR).

2020     _ “Self” color photograph – part of “Together, so Far so Close” στο MOMus, Experimental Center for the Arts,Thessaloniki, (GR).

_ “Unnamed Symphony” video, part of Meta_Thesis at Video Art Miden.

_”traces of an atrocity exhibition”, film screening, Muestra de Video Arte Faenza, , Bogota, (CO).

_ “Veggera”, audiovisual installation and workshop during KINONO Tinos Art Gathering, Tinos, (GR).

2019     _”Reconstitution of a souvenir” workshop and exhibition with fellow artist Viki Zioga during the

2nd #skgbridges Festival, May, Thessaloniki, (GR).

_”traces of an atrocity exhibition”, film screening, Switch (Short Film Festival), January at Roodkapje, (NL).

2018     _”1.475” audiovisual installation, part of “Hubbub le Scope”, at Associazione Culturale       Borderline, November, Palermo, (IT).

_“1.475” audiovisual installation, part of “Hubbub le Scope”, ElektroArts festival, September, Kluj-Napoca, (RO).

_”1.475” audiovisual installation, part of “T(huis)”, στη Hommes Gallery, January, Rotterdam, (NL).

2017     _”1.475” audiovisual installation, part of “Hubbub le Scope”, Wolfart Project Space, November, Rotterdam, (NL).

_”Breaking the Monoform” interactive audiovisual installation, and “ 09/1394” video at Organ Vida, Gallery Zvonimir, International Photography Festival, September, Zagreb, (HR).

_Breaking the Monoform” and “Unnamed Symphony”  interactive audiovisual installation, part of “Really Real”,

Roodkapje, July, Rotterdam, (NL).

2016     _”Abide with me” film screen, part of “ There is something about my family” at EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam.


2020. KINONO Tinos Art Gathering, Tinos (GR).

2017. foundation B.a.D. Rotterdam, (NL)



2022. Selected participant of BDC Discoveries (Balkan Documentary Center)

2021. MakeCoProDox Forum at MakeDox with the ongoing work “LAZIKA”

2020. Artistic Practice, Art & Interactive Technologies, Open Art, Ionio university department of audio and visual arts.

2019. Global symposium “Misinformation and A.I.” by Media Literacy Institue (MLI) and Journalists About Journalism(JAJ), Athens, (GR).

2017 .MA in Photography at AKV St. Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures, Breda & ’s-Hertogenbosch, (NL).

2017. “API-art and situated fictions” workshop with Human Index, Breda, (NL).

2016. “Research in collaboration” Fotodok, space for documentary photography, Utrecht, (NL).

2016. Workshop in video art with Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Amsterdam, (NL).

2015. Workshop in documentary photography with Patrick Zachmann, Greek Center of Photography, Athens, (GR).

2008. MSc Forestry and Natural Environment at A.u.Th., Thessaloniki, (GR).