votka exete

votka – βότκα – vodka – во́дка : an unaged, colorless, distilled spirit

exete – ehete – échete – έχετε : greek, second person plural present of the verb έχω – have, you have

the name votka-exete is a reference to a system of exchange goods, services, and ideas, as well as a tribute to mainstream media references while growing up in Greece.


Nikos Kostopoulos (1982, GR) is a visual artist, filmmaker, and educator working with lens-based media and researching gaps in the virtual and physical public space. He has an MA in Photography from AKV St. Joost (NL) and a BA and MSc in Environmental Sciences from AUTH (GR). He has completed various audiovisual productions since 2010 in Europe and Western Asia and participated since then in exhibitions and festivals around the world. He is a recipient of the Gwaertler Grant Award (2023) and of the BIRN grant (2020). In 2020 he co-founded PHĒNO_space for imaginative arts practices in Thessaloniki (GR), focusing on the production and presentation of contemporary art. Since 2022 he co-organizes Conversas Thessaloniki, part of the global network of Conversas that creates safe spaces for dialogue and sharing.

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