Argus v 3.75 bln is an interactive self-portrait that deals with a society that watches everything while being watched at the same time. The user can destroy its portrait by creating a soundscape. It originates from the Greek myth of Argus Panoptis, a giant with one or many eyes that never slept. Hera had him guard Io, Zeus’ lover. Zeus sent Hermes to set her free. He put Argus to sleep by playing music to him and then killed him. J. Bentham in 1787 named Panopticon his prison prototype model, a concept which later was used by M.Foucault to comment on the state control of the people. Argus was named a USA drone that was used in Afghanistan and it has the biggest sensor resolution camera in the world. In 2020 3.75 billion smartphones are used worldwide, making their users both their guardians and captives.

2020, Thessaloniki, Greece