electric friend

13′ 4K video with soundtrack by Savvas Metaxas, English dialogues, English subtitles

Photogrammetry, 3D modeling, human – AI interaction

2020-2022, Thessaloniki (GR)

Electric Friend explores the human relationships trough the filter of computer algorithms powered by artificial intelligence. The photographer is capturing a 3D model of the subject in order to be able to reproduce their physical meeting at later point in time and at a digital space. The software in its attempt to recreate that meeting is introducing artifacts and glitches. These glitches are now part of the new photographic image. The collaboration between the author and the subject is now regulated by a computer. Does the computer have an aesthetic or philosophical approach to its results? Or is it just the human error that creates artifacts and glitches in the final image. The discussion between the author and an AI is trying to shed a light in to our future partnerships.