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of an atrocity exhibition

Traces of an Atrocity Exhibition
 “To him the world was an atrocity exhibition”
A fictional experimental short film and photo essay.
3D photoromance book
images and text: Nikos Kostopoulos
cast: Viki Zioga
voice: Wendy Naetong
music: Savvas Metaxas
 2016, Greece, Mikres Kiklades


It was August, the first month I had moved away from Greece and to the Netherlands. No job or money and I was spending a lot of time at home thinking of my past summers. Going through my 35mm negative rolls I realized that my memories had faded away and if it was not for the photographs my past would have been different. We tend to forget a lot about our past memories. Details get deleted. Our memory works like that. Using a text editor I deleted parts of the photos leading to new results. 
 Personal archive of 35mm negatives, edited with text editor. MIxed media, 35mm negatives, 60*70 prints, gif video projections, sound.
 2015, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


The time before I left my hometown, apartment, job, and life in Greece I found myself taking photos of people in indecisive situations, thinking, weighing options. A state of mind I was currently in.
12 color photographs
2015, Greece


Reading between the lines of Ingmar’s Bergman “scenes from a marriage”. 
 I deal with the miscommunication between a couple, while playing with narratives and abstractions. Experimental Film.
1′ HD video, presented in the EYE museum of film in Amsterdam, NL
 2016, Netherlands
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looking for marios arvanitis

Through the texts of Marios Arvanitis, I am looking to find who the writer really is. Mockumentary
35′ HD video
 2015, Greece & Netherlands

the carcass

A visualization of Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs Du Mal, Une Chargone (The Carcass). Experimental Film.

6′ SD video


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