Audiovisual installation, participatory research, workshop

In collaboration with artist-educator Viki Zioga

“Veggera” is theoretical, audiovisual, and partially participatory research on the relationship of oral narrative traditions with the creation and strengthening of community. It manifests around the old Tinian tradition of veggera. The research was realised through a series of workshops with elementary students, discussions, and knitting with the locals of the village Falatadow and cinematic derives on the island landscape referring to Tinian painter Gyzi and Lytra. 
The children’s workshop resulted in a new audio eco-folk tale titled “The Curse of the Turtle” which is now part of the 3d elementary school of Tino’s library. 
Participants were the students of the E’ class Agapi, Arbri, Vasilis, Theodora, Ioanna, Nikos, Rika, Simos, and Stavros of the 3d Elementary School of Tinos and Mrs. Anna Alverti, Marina Desipri and Frantzeska Papagiannopoulou from the village Falatados.

2020, Tinos (GR), at the KINONO Tinos art gathering residency.